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Kathleen is a phenomenal teacher and mentor. She is readily available to answer questions and encourage active learning.  She helped me tap into my own powers and abilities - and it gave me confidence to know that my precious religious studies and current veterinary medical studies could convalesce into one holistic and integrative practice.

She is professional and compassionate, and I would recommend her 10 times out of 10 - to friends, to clients, and to other veterinary professionals who want to one day have a practice that treats the whole patient:  physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental. Integrative Veterinary Medicine is the way of the future, and in my opinion, Animal Reiki Alliance is a strong pillar of that. - Glee Anderson, Veterinary Student

Kathleen provided such a heart-to-heart felt class for both Animal Reiki Level 3 and Animal Reiki Level 3 Teacher Training course!  I was already level 3 in the training, but I knew I wanted to connect even deeper inthe Reiki energy - the depth of 'Being True my Way- True to Myself'- as well as the responsibilities and ethics as a Reiki Level 3 Practitioner and Teacher.  Connecting with the animals during the day was amazing, full of love and compassion - the entire weekend opened my heart connection even more with Reiki!

If you are ready to expand into your Reiki journey, I highly recommend Kathleen's guidance and teaching's!  Thank you, Kathleen for all of your support! 


Dulsanea Naedek

Animal Reiki Practitioner & Teacher

Kathleen is a wonderful teacher and mentor. I HIGHLY recommend these classes. I have gotten all three levels of training with her.

- F.O. Baltimore, MD

"I loved your gave me more reassurance and boosted my confidence when the pup actually sat in my lap....she could have gone anywhere.  What an affirmation - I still haven't settled down!  You made everything so easy to understand - using many examples and ideas...gentle coaching only if needed .....and great support!   Awesome You!!  I am so happy to meet you and hope that our paths cross again soon!" - Carol Bopp 

"I can't believe I can REALLY do this! The practice with animals really helped me to feel confident that I can facilitate Reiki when I leave the class. Wonderful!"
- Animal Reiki Level I Student

    "You are a fantastic teacher Kathleen. I appreciate your approach to things and your attitude."

- Animal Reiki Level II Student

"Thank you, Kathleen. I enjoy your method of teaching and your infectious laugh!"

- Animal Reiki Level II Student

"Reiki class was fantastic today! Thanks everyone who spent the day learning how to heal yourself, your family and your pets with Reiki. I learned so much and had a great time too. Thanks, especially to Kathleen, who made the day a great learning experience and a lot of fun. Looking forward to Level 2 after we have all had a chance to practice."

- Melissa (Bellas Bully Buddies) 

"Thank you, Kathleen, for your awesome classes, your incredible insights, beautiful stories, wisdom and supporting love. It introduced new techniques to me while reaffirming a number of important concepts I was already aware of. I look forward to improving my skill with practice and appreciate having this new awareness and skill in my daily life. It was a beautiful reminder of the powerful connection between energy, intent and all beings, and how this energy can play a significant role in healing for all life forms. It’s amazing to see how much animals love this energy and to know that I can help them in this manner. I look forward to continue my healing path with myself, others and animals. Thank you for helping me begin this wonderful journey. "Pat, Catonsville, MD 

"Kathleen is a wonderful teacher!  Her clarity in teaching is refreshing, bringing Spirit and Reality into learning.  I had an amazing time meeting new people and understanding Reiki Master Level III, but, more importantly experiencing the Reiki energy with the animals and the people.  Our class was held at a sanctuary for rescued animals and their love and gratitude was an extremely rewarding experience.  I am so thankful for this class!!  Thank you Kathleen!  With Gratitude!"

-Animal Reiki Level III Student

"It was a wonderful experience to complete Level I Animal Reiki with Kathleen at breathe books in March 2010. Kathleen is welcoming, warm and knowledgeable. Her own Reiki practice was evident in the ways she set an inviting and positive tone for learning for the entire group. I also appreciated her heartfelt and clear way of sharing her knowledge with our class of beginners. Althea was the perfect teaching assistant! I can't wait for Level II in April. Thank you."
- Nancy, Baltimore, MD

"This class was very different from my first Reiki training and has allowed me to learn in a meaningful way how to work with animals. I can't wait for Level II and Level III."

- Animal Reiki Level I Student

"The training was very well done! I can't wait to work with my animal companions at home to see how they respond . Kathleen, your trainings are wonderful."

-Animal Reiki Level II Student

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