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The Animal Reiki Alliance offers Reiki sessions (in person an distance sessions) to both animal and human companions; as well as Amethyst Biomat sessions for humans. We work to bring healing to the entire family, as all beings in the household can be affected by illness, trauma, stress, etc. 

In-Person Reiki Sessions

We offer Reiki sessions for human and animal companions, as we realize that our animals often reflect their humans. 

    • "In Person" Initial Session (1 1/2 hours): $135
    • "In Person" 1 Hour Session: $85
    • "In Person" 1/2 Hour Session: $45

Distance Reiki Sessions

We offer distance Reiki  that is as effective as "in person" Reiki, as energy transcends distance and time. Regardless of where you live, Reiki can facilitate healing.  

    • Distance Reiki Intial Session (1 hour):$65
    • Distance Reiki 20 Minutes: $45
    • Distance Reiki 40 minutes: $65

Veterinary Reiki

We Provide Veterinary Reiki:

  • Pre-surgery
  • During Surgery
  • Post-surgery

 At your veterinary hospital 

 At your home

Priced by the job, not by the hour.

Animal Communication

Animal Communication bridges the communication gap between animals and their human companions, where humans gain insight into behavior changes, anxiety, and other "outside the box" issues that our pets present.

  • Initial Session (1 hour): $135
  • Follow-up Sessions: $65

Celebrations of Life

When animals transition, those left behind are left grieving. We offer spiritual ceremonies for animal companions to help the humans bring closure to their loss. These ceremonies are personal to each family and will be customized. 

  • Prices are customized to each family


"Kathleen, we can't tell you how happy it makes us that our Sam, has relaxed and is overcoming his anxiety. Our boy has been afraid of anything that strays from his usual daily routine, even medication could not help with his anxiety. But, Reiki and Kathleen have made one giant step toward easing this for Sam.  Your are truly a miracle worker, if only we had found you sooner. Thank You!" - Terry

"Kathleen, Thank you for all you've done for Minnie (and for us).  We're happy that Minnie has transitioned, but miss her---and her very independent ways. I can't find the words to describe how thankful I am for you, Kathleen.  You have been able to give Minnie what she needed most, and I'll always be grateful for that." - Liz

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