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About US

The Animal Reiki Alliance promotes complementary healing practices for animals, as well as education and learning for human companions. The Animal Reiki Alliance is committed to helping make alternative healing an integral part of all aspects of animal care -- in harmony with veterinary medicine. To this end, our vision goals and objectives highlight the core of what we stand for.

Our Vision

To achieve a world in which Reiki and complementary healing practices are an integral part of all aspects of animal care in harmony with veterinary care. 

Our Mission

To promote Reiki as a complement to enhance compassionate care for animals, through quality education and exemplary standards of practice.

Our Goals

    • To educate the veterinary and animal care community about the collaborative benefits of Reiki and complementary healing practices for our animal companions and their human partners.
    • To maintain a Directory of Animal Reiki healing practitioners that is recognized by veterinarians and others in the animal care fields.
      • To provide our practitioner members with business support, as well as educational, networking, and public speaking opportunities.
      • To develop products that support our member community and their businesses.
      • To support our animal companions though complementary healing practices in harmony with veterinary medicine to promote healthy body, mind and spirit.
      • To volunteer our time and our healing gifts to animals that would not otherwise receive such care, as well as through presentations at educational workshops.

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