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Medical/Veterinary Reiki

Medical Reiki(TM) is the practice of Reiki in the hospital setting, pre-surgery, during surgery and post-surgery. Medical Reiki (TM) founder, Raven Keyes, started Reiki in the operating room with Dr. Mamet Oz in 2000.  

Pre-surgery, a Reiki Practitioner shares Reiki with the patient when s/he arrives at the hospital, balancing his/her energy, as well as reducing anxiety. The Reiki Practitioner may also sit with the family and share Reiki, offering them peace and calming and to reduce their anxiety. 

During surgery, a Reiki Practitioner is in the operating room during the surgery, sharing Reiki throughout the surgery. Reiki has an effect on the patient, as well as the doctors, nurses and other surgical staff, ensuring the surgery goes smoothly. 

Post-surgery, a Reiki Practitioner shares Reiki with the patient during post-op and often throughout the patient's recovery process. Immediately post-surgery, Reiki is offered while the patient is in recovery and may continue until they are settled into their room. Additionally, Reiki may be offered at various intervals during the recovery process either in person or via distance - daily, weekly, or as needed to aid in a quicker recovery process. 

When Reiki is used in the hospital setting it has many wonderful documented advantages, including (for further information on medical Reiki, including research, many articles and videos are below):

      • Less patient anxiety when offered pressurgery
      • Maintains blood pressure during surgery
      • Less bleeding during surgery
      • Less pain medications post-surgery
      • Quicker recovery times post-surgery
Even more, doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses and others in the operating room experience that Reiki assists their ability throughout the surgery, bringing peace and calm into the operating room and reducing anxiety and stress. Additionally, caregivers also experience reduced stress and calming with Reiki. 

Veterinary Reiki Services

Kathleen Provides Veterinary Reiki:

  • Pre-surgery
  • During Surgery
  • Post-surgery

 At your veterinary hospital 

 At your home

Contact us at to schedule her for your pet's surgery.

Dr. Feldman - Reiki & Surgery

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