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What Members are Saying

“I have been a contributing member of the Animal Reiki Alliance (ARA) since July, 2011. It has been my honor and privilege to be in partnership with Kathleen and the other ARA practitioners and members of the ARA. As a member I have been given the opportunity to participate in some wonderful outreach and networking activities and partnerships; these include and are not limited to: writing articles for local publications, animal centric events, and invitations for further learning (most recently there was a wonderful connection to Frans Steine where we shared and conversed on Compassion In Animal Healing).  What a wonderful mission and effort this organization has and does, bringing together other holistic practitioners for the sake and support of our animal companions.  Thank you Kathleen! Your work so directly aligns with what I say is the “fire” in my heart.  There is a deep hunger for the information and healing work that we do. Having a collaborative network of practitioners where the animal’s humans can find us aids in satiating this need. “

          ~ Inez Donmoyer, CEMT, CCMT, CSAMT, RMT, MA. Unicorn Dreams Wholistic Touch

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